Do we need to register trademarks in Bulgaria?

Anyone who wants to secure their business as a registered trademark in Bulgaria needs some guidance on how best to approach it.

As this is a very specific issue, and in terms of rights the cases are different, for the best solution of the issues in the field we need consultations with specialists. Legal consulting and practical services related to the industrial property sites can be found at trademarks in Bulgaria and Working with independent experts in different fields, Aramax Ltd. provides quality services according to the principles of professional ethics in the branch. Part of the offered services are related to consultations on studies and registration of trademarks in Bulgaria and abroad.

Do we need to register trademarks in Bulgaria?

Do we need to register trademarks in Bulgaria? No one is required to register a mark, but there are certain risks if he does not, and of course he gets exclusive rights, if any. The trademark, as one of the most valuable assets of the business, gives the exclusive right of the owner to use the brand for the products and services it offers on the market. If this step is missed, there is a risk that someone else will register the same name, even though it has already gained popularity and is associated with you.

Check out more at and consider whether you risk developing your niche without protecting your business or acting preventively, relying on security. For the prices of some of the most preferred brand-related services in Bulgaria, see more here.