The richest variety of cakes in Sheffield

There are recipes of delicious cakes from ancient times.

First of all, sweet cakes are mentioned in Ancient Egypt. This is judged by records that have been found and kept so far that tell how to cook cakes with honey and fruits.The most popular confectionery is in France. Recipes saved today confirm these claims. And the cakes are made by confectioners and chefs for famous and wealthy personalities from the aristocratic world. And today cakes are made even at home. The most delicious recipes are passed from hand to hand, from generation to generation. As it is in Sheffield, where the cake makers use their own family recipes.

In the UK, there are also very popular cakes. The cuisine is well known for its baked goods, especially sweet treats. The national passion for baking dates back to the Middle Ages.

Which are the most popular three cakes saved today?

1. Cake “Napoleon”. The story of her emergence has been formed on the basis of several legends. According to one of them, her appearance is associated with the victory of the French in 1812 when the delicious cake was first served. It is popular in Bulgaria, France, Italy, Russia, USA. According to another legend, Napoleon has invented the recipe himself. For the Napoleon cake, flour, eggs, salt, milk, butter, sugar, vanilla are needed. Swirls are prepared separately from the filler, then beautifully smeared and placed in the refrigerator to tighten.

2. Honey cake. Delicious, delicate and aromatic cake, which has long been popular in Bulgaria and other countries. Especially popular in the 1990s, when it was prepared in almost all families at home. For making a honey cake, flour, eggs, butter, honey, sugar, and cream are used. There are many recipes for its preparation. In recent years, the cake is released into mass production due to its excellent taste.

3. “Saher” cake. The cake appeared in Austria and soon gained great popularity. To prepare it, you need flour, sugar, chocolate, eggs, jam, black chocolate.

These are the most famous cakes, which everybody knows about. If you like to treat yourself good and if you are living in the UK, you definitely have to go to Sheffield to try one of the best cakes.

cakes in Sheffield

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