Rising high is the answer to the demand of Class A offices in Bulgaria

While Sofia is not among the tallest cities in the world, the capital of Bulgaria experiences the lack of surface in certain areas for placing of a new business architecture. So it’s expected to search the solution to the problem by saturating the skyline or locating the ideas for fresh construction on the perimeter away from the city center. Or both.

There are plans in the making to build several skyscrapers which are about to compete for the title of being the highest object in Sofia. But more important than the record is the chance to catch up with the demand for Class A offices in Bulgaria. And the demand is huge.

It turned out recently that many companies in the country grow fast and need more space and better conditions. On the other hand the interest among foreign enterprises to relocate their activity or some significant part of it to the capital or to a big city (for the country’s standards) like Plovdiv, Varna, or Burgas increases too and the business coming from abroad is not satisfied with anything less in terms of quality than Class A offices in Bulgaria. But it goes hand in hand with the development of the infrastructure too – the top category isn’t achievable on a spot with poor communication, transport, and road access.

Book a place inside the new place is what the firms in Sofia do now. Dozens of fast developing companies conclude contracts to buy or rent Class A offices in Bulgaria while the construction work still goes on. But in this case firm guarantees have to be granted to the enterprises that are about to occupy the room which is not ready to be inhabited yet. The matter is complex and demands the opinion and the advice from professionals of highest expertise such as the one Forton has in its team.